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Warner Bros. iOS games on sale for 99 cents

If you're big into Superman, Batman, and Harry Potter, it's time to start searching the couch cushions for loose change.
Bastion for iOS is a gorgeous-looking action-RPG, and for a short while it's on sale for just 99 cents.
Got plans for the Fourth of July weekend? If they involve long car rides, lines you can't escape, or just lots of couch/hammock/poolside time, consider stocking up on games for your iDevice. Warner Bros. will help keep you entertained on the cheap.
Ending soon, 11 Warner Bros. iOS games are on sale for 99 cents each. Here's the list, with links either to the download page or to related CNET coverage. (Be sure to note the system requirements before purchasing any game, as some of them won't work on older iOS devices.)
Bastion, top-rated indie action-RPG, regularly $4.99.
Batman Arkham City Lockdown, Infinity Blade-esque fighting game, regularly $5.99.
Harry Potter: Spells, multiplayer spell-casting game, regularly $2.99.
Lego Batman: DC Superheroes, the first non-Harry Potter Lego game for iOS, regularly $4.99.
Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4, an iOS port of the popular console title, regularly $4.99.
Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7, an iOS port of the popular console title's sequel, regularly $4.99.
Man of Steel, new-movie tie-in heavy on the combat, regularly $2.99.
Man of Steel HD, same game for iPad, regularly $4.99.
Midway Arcade, classic arcade games revived for iOS, regularly $1.99.
Scribblenauts Remix, a Nintendo DS classic that my kids are still playing two years later, regularly $4.99.
Tapper World Tour HD, the classic arcade game beautifully recreated for iPad, regularly $1.99.
There's plenty of good stuff here to choose from, but if I could scrounge up only a buck, I'd have to spend it on Bastion, which is just crazy-fun. But the Lego games are all great as well, and the Batman and Superman games will definitely satisfy your superhero bloodlust.
I don't know how long these prices will be in effect, so if you're looking to stock up on the cheap, don't wait. What title(s) do you think you'll grab during the sale?

Originally posted at iPhone Atlas


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