Sunday, 5 May 2013

Having suggested that the iPhone is only for the cool and young, Samsung's latest ads show that parents' sense of self-respect in not irredeemable.

These are the words by which all parents will be greeted, the minute they exchange their iPhones for a Samsung Galaxy S4.
This is the conceit, at least, of one of the latest ads for Samsung's new Phone, which will launch from Monday.
Parents live for grains of approval from their upstart, self-righteously technological children.
Last Thursday, Samsung offered some chilling brutality in a graduation pool party ad that suggested all iPhone-owning parents were gormless social Neanderthals.
With these new ads, it wants them to know all hope of cool is not lost.
In one ad, we are at a graduation ceremony.
A silly boy decides to spoil the graduation photo of momma's precious boy, by stepping in front of him at the vital moment.
Momma is undeterred. She now has an S4 with Eraser Shot, which wipes people away you don't need. Yes, just like they used to do in Soviet Russia.
This particular mom didn't appear in the 90-second graduation pool party ad. However, the implication is clear: parents can be redeemed if they give up their iPhones. This is important. They still control the household budget, if not their kids.
In a second new ad, though, the implication is clearer.
Here we see the dye-haired dad from the graduation pool party -- the one humiliated by a far more technologically adroit teen -- be finally persuaded to give up his iPhone and buy an S4.
No, you don't see his iPhone. But what do you think he's switching from? A purple flip-phone?
Thankfully, the S4 has Easy Mode, which seems to seal the deal.
Everyone wants it easy, even parents.
Some have speculated that Apple might attempt to respond to this constant kicking from Samsung.


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