Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Kevin Frazier, co-anchor of OMG Insider, kicks it with Nelly at his home and talks music, cameras, and video games. Plus, CNET Senior Editor Brian Tong breaks down the best dSLR cameras for shooting video, and how to build your own recording studio.

In this week's episode of Hooked Up, Kevin Frazier hangs out with Grammy Award winner and multi-Platinum recording artist Nelly. He talks about all the tech he can't live without, and how he co-founded Vatterott College in St. Louis and the Extreme Institute to teach students skills for making music.
Nelly also talks about his MacBook Pro, Canon EOS 7D that he uses for shooting videos, and the Monster Diamond Tears headphones that surprised him with their sound.
I'll break down the best dSLR cameras for shooting video with Kevin that broadcast professionals are using today. And I'll also show you what you need to create your own mobile recording studio for under $1,000. I just can't promise you'll sound like Nelly.
It's the third episode of Hooked Up -- the only show where the worlds of celebrity and technology collide.


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