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This Could Be James Bond’s Next iPhone 5 Case [REVIEW]

The case adds just 17 grams to the already-superlight iPhone 5, and you can't feel any extra weight at all. The first edition is only available in this graphite color.Element cases are some of the most highly engineered and unusual iPhone cases in the world, and now the company’s rolled out its latest creation, the Sector 5 FE (First Edition), a lightweight aluminum case created for theiPhone 5.
When you first pick up the Sector 5, you immediately realize it’s not going to add much weight at all to the already uncanny pulchritude of the featherweight iPhone 5. Crafted in attractive charcoal-colored anodized aluminum, the company also adds in a couple of stick-on backplates, including a plush velour gray fabric and, my favorite, carbon fiber. First, the bad news: this overengineered bauble will set you back $159.95. But wait. Perhaps it’s worth it. Let’s take a closer look. I have to tell you up front that it’s going to take a lot to get me to use any case for my iPhone. I’ve tradi…

Apple starts production of iPad Mini, claims WSJ

Get ready: Mass production of the smaller iPad has begun, the paper reports, citing Asian component suppliers within Apple's supply chain.

Apple has begun mass production of a new tablet pitched as a smaller alternative to the iPad, according to The Wall Street Journal. The paper cited Asian component suppliers within Apple's supply chain, referencing two people familiar with the device who declined to be named. According to the sources, Apple's rumored product, dubbed the "iPad Mini," will have a 7.85-inch liquid-crystal display -- noticeably smaller than the 9.7-inch screen of the existing iPad, now in its third generation. It will also be lower-resolution than the iPad 3's Retina display. The iPad Mini is thought to be Apple's response to the smaller, less expensive tablets offered by its rivals, including Google, Samsung and Amazon.Reports have suggested that invitations to the launch of the smaller tablet will be formally sent out to journalists on O…